Your Questions Answered

Yes, welding screens and welding curtains are interchangeable terms used to describe protective barriers used during welding operations.

The Retractable Weld Screen is a superior alternative to traditional welding curtains or fixed screens. Unlike traditional curtains, retractable screens can be easily retracted and stored to free up valuable workspace for convenience and safety. Customize welding cells for each project, with up to 20 feet of length per screen there are countless options.

Weld screens that are extended wider than 8′ to 10′ will require weight to be added to the base pan. Some customers use cement, and others use steel or other heavy objects.

Yes, the Retractable Weld Screen can be easily moved around to create welding cells and barriers where needed, and to free up floorspace when not in use. Simply tilt the base backward and then roll them into place using the industrial casters attached at the base. 

Yes, the welding shades are replaceable should they become damaged. Contact us, and we will provide you with a replacement shade.

The welding shades attach to their post using a simple J-Hook design. Each shade has an aluminum bar that is held in place by two J-Hooks on the mounts, steel columns, and existing structures within the shop.

The unique benefit of this type of portable welding screen system is that almost any configuration can be designed. The posts can connect up to four welding curtains, allowing long straight welding walls and multiple welding cells to be created. It allows for flexibility in manufacturing for both personnel and robotic welding operations.

Yes, you can do this on-site with the help of a controls company or a capable maintenance person working at your facility, this is a common retrofit that many customers install. Electronic devices required to set this up are not included.

The welding screens are constructed using high-quality 14mil PVC material, ensuring exceptional durability and longevity in welding environments. The PVC welding screen creates a protective barrier, effectively blocking sparks, debris and harmful UV radiations. The top and bottom of each screen is reenforced with nylon strip. When extended, the screens stay taut by utilizing the stability of fiberglass stay bars. This helps eliminate binding during retraction and saf during extension.

The Retractable Weld Screen has a limited warranty of 2 years. Proof of original purchase is required. If it proves to be defective in material or workmanship under normal use during the warranty period and subject to the limitations and conditions described below. RollTect™ will repair or replace the product at no cost to the consumer. The warranty is subject to the following limitations and conditions: 

  • 1. A bill of sales verifying the consumer purchase and purchase date must be provided. 
  • 2. The warranty will not apply to any products or part thereof which is not working or broken, or which has become inoperative due to abuse, misuse, accidental damage, neglect or lack of proper installation, operation or maintenance ( as outlined in the applicable installation manual ). 
  • 3. This warranty will not apply to normal wear and tear or to expendable parts or accessories that may be supplied with the product that are expected to become inoperative or unusable after a reasonable period of use ( post, hooks, etc. )
  • 4. This warranty will not apply where damage is caused by repairs made or attempted by the customer. 
  • 5. This warranty will not apply to a product that was sold to the original purchaser as a reconditioned or refurbished product ( unless otherwise specified in writing ). 
  • 6. This warranty will not apply to any product or part thereof if any part from another manufacturer is installed therein or any repairs or alterations have been made or attempted by unauthorized persons.